Mineral rights owners typically receive monthly royalty payments when a company extracts oil or gas from wells on their property. The payments usually are a fixed percentage of the market value of the oil or gas or the proceeds from selling it. Disagreements over royalties are common in the energy industry.

In some cases, disputes are honest misunderstandings which can be resolved by an expert eye of an accountant or an attorney. In other cases, and all too frequently, royalty audits can reveal that oil and gas drilling companies are using transactions between affiliated companies, deductions for the costs of transportation, processing and marketing to drive down the amount of royalty mineral owners are entitled to.

Gelber's audit team is led by Herb Warner who has a CPA and has more than 30 years of experience in auditing energy firms. Gelber's team understand royalties and know how to find underpayments to landowners. Our audit team also includes energy attorneys, engineers, and analysts best at compiling production and financial data.

If you have a royalty issue in Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Dakota, California, Colorado or any other state, give us a call. Gelber & Associates works on either a time and materials arrangement or a percentage of recovery.