Gelber has partnered with MRE Consulting to expand our ability to deliver full service solutions to our customers. This association with MRE Consulting allows Gelber to offer its energy procument program services with the addition of an energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution. While minimizing energy commodity costs and managing volatility in a client's energy portfolio, Gelber & MRE evaluate commodity management technologies to reduce redundancies, simplify and expedite routine processes and increase the level of control and compliance. Our extensive knowledge of energy markets and risk systems along with our experience in working with companies in a wide variety of industries positions us to recommend specific changes in regard to all aspects of the procurement and commodity management of natural gas.


  • Examine client expectations and desired outcomes as it pertains to natural gas procurement
  • Review hedging risk strategy and forward purchase limits
  • Review and comment on procurement practices for each facility (commodity and transportation)
  • Assess and possibly revamp corporate authorizations and control procedure
  • Appraise benchmarks for performance


  • Examine client expectations and desired outcomes regarding commodity software solutions
  • Review current system and business requirements
  • Migration from Excel spreadsheets and other legacy systems
  • Recommendations for system enhancements and assist with vendor selection
  • ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) implementation