Gelber presents "Cascade Hedging Program" to WUTC

On December 12th 2018, Art Gelber spoke before the Washington State Utility and Transportation Commission (WUTC), the Washington version of the PUC. The topic was best practices for utility hedging, in this case an LDC operating in two states: Washington and Oregon. The OPUC is following the lead of the WUTC. In an innovative step, the WUTC issued some policy guidance on the investor-owned utilities operating in their state. The policy is known as UG-132019. A full version of the policy statement can be found by clicking here.


 Art Gelber is speaking about the Cascade natural gas hedging program design and risk responsive features. Importantly, the Cascade Hedging Program is proven across several states and resilient to deliver best in class results under all market conditions both upwards and downwards. Watch the video above for the full content of the Gelber program. Key words and concepts are: risk responsive, analytical metrics, VaR-up, VaR-down, retrospective reporting, and prospecting reporting.

For more information about the these topics contact Gelber & Associates at, or the WUTC at

Kent Bayazitoglu