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A Recognized Leader

Gelber & Associates is a nationally recognized energy consulting and advisory firm specializing in energy trading practices and protocols. The firm is led by founder and President Art Gelber and Kent Bayazitoglu, Director of Market Analytics. Our industry leadership has come into national focus as a result of often-quoted forensic analyses in the energy markets since 1991 and our clients include several of North America's largest regulated utilities, Fortune 500 and mid-cap industrial companies, natural gas producers, and energy service companies.

Our mission is partnering with and advising energy market participants using advanced analytics and human expertise to better navigate volatility, control costs and maximize profits.



For more than 25 years, Gelber has provided our clients with energy commodity risk management services, supply services, trading support, and general energy markets expertise. The firm's qualifications include:

  • Years of combined experience in natural gas, power and allied energy markets for risk management, asset management, and planning management
  • Active presence on the NYMEX natural gas exchange for 25 years
  • Frequently engaged by end users and producers for expert support in legal casework involving energy transactions, contracts and storage
  • Energy Regulatory Advocacy for regulated utilities concerning rate cases and guidance to inform public utility commissions about changing trends and necessary changes to hedging strategies 
  • Active in American, Canadian, and European energy markets

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