Art Gelber

Art is President of Gelber & Associates, playing an active role in client consulting & advisory needs including strategy, price risk management, supply & demand analysis, regulatory matters, transactions, and litigation support. Prior to Gelber & Associates, Art was employed at ConocoPhillips in areas including Exploration, Production, International Crude Oil Trading, and Refinery Operations. Before ConocoPhillips, he was engaged in oil & gas resource evaluations for Gulf Oil and Mitchell Energy & Development Company (now Devon). Art has a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado College and a Master’s Degree from Rice University.

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 Kent Bayazitoglu

Kent is Director of Market Analytics at Gelber & Associates, leading analysis and modeling of energy markets and energy business projects as well as developing risk management and trading strategies, utilizing an intimate understanding of market fundamentals, dynamic price forecasting techniques, and knowledge gained through daily market involvement. Prior to Gelber & Associates, he was employed at ExxonMobil as a project manager responsible for supervising numerous construction projects and coordinating engineering at the Baytown Refinery. Kent has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University and a Master’s Degree in Quantitative Analysis and Financial Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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