Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

Gelber & Associates has performed a broad range of consulting engagements working with more than eighty companies engaged in trading, marketing or purchasing of energy commodities and the purchase/sale of energy related assets.

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"Gelber & Associates demonstrated commercial sophistication along with a creative and intuitive ability to model and create confidence around a difficult problem – extracting the most value for our customers from new assets while minimizing risk in an emerging, energy intensive business. We will certainly think of them whenever we find ourselves facing challenges that run up against our core expertise."

--Air Liquide


LNG Facility Project Management

Gelber modeled the economic justification and business plan for a world class LNG facility including the successful development funding sourcing for the $1 billion project.


20-Year Demand Forecast

The Gelber analytics group completed the long range forecast for an LDC integrated resource plan (IRP). The demand forecast was presented to the PUC separately and was then integrated into the IRP of the utility where it is now maintained and updated by their own staff personnel.


Because of the firm’s commitment to our success and its accomplishments in this project, we expect to retain Gelber & Associates for future projects.
— CF Industries
Hydrogen storage.jpg

Hydrogen Gas Storage Assessment

Gelber conducted a comprehensive assessment and financial model of a potential storage project for a major industrial gas supplier. This study included the hydrogen gas production outlook for the Gulf Coast markets along with a supply and demand forecast. With the working template for storage monetization provided, the client has an operational practice that can realize profitability.

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Natural Gas Basis Study

Gelber demonstrated dramatic annual savings by effectuating specific natural gas basis decisions for a large industrial in the metals segment, an international pipeline company and a large aluminum refiner and manufacturer. The client realized savings of over $3 million in the first year.


Price Risk Management Program Design


Gelber custom designed a comprehensive program for a global rubber & tire manufacturer to integrate with the client’s corporate culture, budget cycle, and desired outcomes. Gelber piloted the program for one year before turning it over to the corporate staff for self-management, resulting in improved performance and better integration with their annual budget.


"With Gelber’s professionalism and excellence over the years that this case has been pending …we were able to settle the case just before picking a jury. The case lawyers were very impressed with the expertise they brought to this matter."

--Bird Marella

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Software Technology Implementation

Gelber, following a software selection process, undertook the implementation which customized the software to the client’s business process and trained the users, with completion under budget and on-time, accomplishing a successful transformation from spreadsheets to a comprehensive automated system.


Management-Led Buyout

Gelber, working with incumbent utility executives, designed and executed a management-led buyout of a major natural gas utility. Gelber sourced funding in the amount of $1 billion, coordinated with investment bankers, private equity, and management team making a private offering to the legacy owners.

"Thanks in great part to the Gelber team’s sound advice and direction, the system was successfully launched in just nine months from kick-off using Allegro 8, achieving our objectives on time and on budget." 

--CF Industries

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Software Technology Selection

Gelber conducted a rigorous software selection process for an Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system, in association with a partner technology firm. In coordination with client, three finalists were identified and best pricing was negotiated before making final selection.

Price forecasting.jpeg

Multi-Client Long Range Price Forecast for Natural Gas & Crude Oil

Gelber employed its proprietary and unique approach to future price and pricing dynamics for a multi-client grouping of utility companies, industrial manufacturers, and production companies along with a smaller grouping of commercials in order to establish strategy for energy commodity market participation.

Flood design.jpeg

Water Flood Design

Gelber partnered with a water-flood specialist to design and justify a secondary recovery work scope for an off-shore production company, focusing on the economic payout and funding requirements along with assisting in the technical design. After implementation, the client recognized financial rewards both via reater oil and gas production and  financial settlement with a bank.


Large Industrial Best Practices Audit

Gelber reviewed all aspects of procurement and risk management program and made recommendations for improvement. With adoption of the plan, the client has greatly streamlined and improved their processes.

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