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We provide a variety of published reports to help keep you informed of the latest.

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Natural Gas Daily Report

The market never stops and Gelber professionals sift through all the market noise in order to deliver to you the most critical information to inform your days, delivered to your inbox by 11 am every business day.

Price: Free

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Monthly Journal

An insightful and in-depth market report which goes into deep analysis of the drivers for price each month. The Monthly Report is written for executives and professionals who have an interest in energy prices but may not be in the market every day. They care about what is happening and why as well as getting perspective on the unfolding events which will shape energy prices in the coming days and weeks.  Issued once per month, this report includes a special Price Forecast Edition in the spring and in the fall.

Price $18,000 per year

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Monthly vs. Daily Report

The most sought after Gelber subscription, this report uses sophisticated algorithms and in-depth market intelligence to recommend a very specific decision: which will be higher in the month, the 30-day Monthly Index or the 30 day average of the daily natural gas prices. Focused on Henry Hub, it is used by natural gas users, producers, and marketing companies in order to help make this risky decision as to how much gas to price on the monthly index and how much to buy as the daily price of any month. The report is issued on the 24th of each month.

Price: $18,000 per year

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Natural Gas Price Forecast 

The well-renowned Price Forecast gives an 18 month forward view of daily front month NYMEX Henry Hub price. The Forecast is used by consumer and producers to make hedging and strategic decisions, as well as by banks to establish their price decks for the loan portfolios.  The Price Forecast is issued twice per year: once in the autumn before winter and once in the spring before summer.

Price: $20,000 per year


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