A focus on shared success

Gelber actively engages closely with our clients; we feel that a collaborative effort yields the most productive and efficient solutions. In addition, Gelber provides a daily newsletter and a monthly product tailored to help customers decide on whether to go with the monthly index or go with the daily index for the coming month.


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Price Risk Management & Analytics

Gelber & Associates offers comprehensive price risk mitigation solutions which have proven to be effective for many clients in a broad range of industries. The Gelber Least Cost Purchasing Practice™ is a structured framework for minimizing energy commodity costs and managing volatility in a client’s energy portfolio. What sets Gelber apart is our analytics and forecasting which predicts prices into the future using market participation, proprietary algorithms, and market experiences. This sets the tone and direction for the market and determines how its clients best need to prepare themselves for action.

Gelber has a renowned analytics team with a wealth of experience and credentials. Our team is available to businesses without an in-house analytics department or who are looking to augment their team for a singular project. As a flexible firm we are able to handle a wide array of project types and offer customized solutions for both private and government entities.


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Technology Solutions

Maintaining best practices and staying in compliance often involves the use of ETRM and other software systems along with data management. Gelber expertise with these systems ensures that operations are running smoothly and that clients are getting the most out of their technology investments. Gelber helps our clients review and design systems to solve problems while also advising and managing software selection and implementation. Gelber also assists with the integration of systems for joining entities after mergers and acquisitions.


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Litigation Support

Gelber and Associates has compiled a stellar record of achievement in a number of critical fields. Building on two decades of expertise in different aspects of future and forward trading for oil, gas, coal, power and other energy commodities, the firm has assisted many clients with legal issues. These include expert witness support for all phases of litigation and other adversarial proceedings such as bankruptcy, arbitration, and mediation. Gelber uses its experience along with its qualitative and quantitative expertise to assist clients. 

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Advice on Market Practices and Norms

  • Bankruptcies

  • Property Valuations

  • Claim Valuations

  • Arbitration and Mediation Support 

  • Litigation

  • Expert Witness Testimony and Support

  • Damage Calculations and Lost Profits

  • Discovery Assistance

  • Trading Book Valuations

  • Enterprise Valuations


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